Top 10 Best Natural Ways To Lower Blood Pressure

Top 10 Best Natural Ways To Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure (HBP) has many sources. The body may be fighting artery-blocking cholesterol to oxygenate muscles, or working harder to burn the buildup of saturated fats. Blood pressure also has many mental causes. Anxiety and exposure to other stressors can promote the brain to release adrenaline and cortisol into the bloodstream. Both of these chemicals and hormones increase your heart rate and make your blood pressure rise. That’s why, in addition to a diet change, many patients are given ways to calm their mind to lower their blood pressure.

Stress-free, healthy lifestyles are the optimal lifestyles for prolonged heart health. Read on to see fifteen natural ways to lower blood pressure, or to keep blood pressure from rising in the first place:

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Many types of tea helps to regulate high blood pressure, either by reducing fats and cholesterols found in your system, or by suppressing the neurotransmitters that produce heart rate-raising chemicals. Green tea detoxifies the blood; chamomile and passionflower calm the mind; lemon and orange peels and herbs can burn fats that cause high blood pressure and regulate the body with vitamin C and the enzyme pepsin. Experiment with different tea combinations and find the ones you like best.

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Less Stress

While foods and other herbs can combat stress signals and chemicals, patients should improve their quality of life by eliminating, or learning how to think about, stressors in their lives. Behavioral therapies can train the brain to work through stressful situations and keep your blood pressure low. Other calming activities, like meditation and deep breathing, naturally regulate heart rate and reduce blood pressure. Different approaches work for different people; finding either calming or joyful activities that burn adrenaline are two options to reduce stress.

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Soy already comes with high vitamins and minerals and low fat content. Because soy produces soluble fibers that take longer for the body to digest, the body can shed cholesterol and fat buildup over time, which reduce high blood pressure. Soy protein also contains carbohydrates that regulate blood pressure and heart rates. Seek soy protein in foods like tofu, soymilk, or meat supplements. Additionally, you can prepare the bean like any other legume.

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Aerobic Exercise

Raising your heart rate on your own may sound counterintuitive to fighting high blood pressure. However, even if exercise raises a heart rate, it also regulates a heart rate and burns the chemicals that cause mentally induced HBP. Over time, a regular heart rate will in fact lower blood pressure. Studies recommend a regime where heart rate can be raised slowly, but steadily, in cardio exercises or paced exercises. Some include yoga, walking, or cycling.

Red wine

(Limited) Alcohol

One to two alcoholic beverages a day does reduce neurotransmitter sensitivity in the brain and reduce chemicals that causes high blood pressure. Alcohol sustains a “calming” effect in many people, due to the components of alcohol and many of its ingredients. The herb hops, for example, reduces anxiety, and some red grapes fight cholesterol with antioxidants. However, more than two drinks a day will negate the health benefits and raise blood pressure by making the body more open to anxious stimuli. Too much alcohol can act like a depressant.

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The simplest remedy, taking up a hobby that makes you happy can release pleasure chemicals in the brain and reduce overall HBP. The brain will release chemicals like dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins that promote joyful feelings and feelings of success. Engaging in hand-eye coordination, as in sports or creative endeavors, playing games, interacting outdoors or with friends, and listening to music, all force the brain to concentrate and release these chemicals in respective quantities.

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Potassium counteracts blood pressure-raising minerals in the blood and acts like a wonderful detoxifier. Potassium fights high sodium found in salty foods. Sodium, if eaten in excess, can provoke an irregular heart rate, cholesterol buildup, and thus high blood pressure. Bananas are the most famous sources of potassium, but many starchy or infused foods, like milk, juice, or potatoes, contain potassium.

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Low Sodium Foods

Speaking of sodium, sodium does elevate blood pressure over time. Usually, adults add far too much salt to their meals, or eat foods with high salt or sodium contents. Salt is a tempting flavorful mineral, but it isn’t the only mineral that can boost a meal’s natural flavors. Cutting salt from a diet, or reducing sodium-rich foods, like some fish and egg yolks, can vastly reduce HBP.

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Low Caffeine

Many foods that provide the body with antioxidants, nutrients and healthy sugars, also provide the body with caffeine. Caffeine as an accelerant helps the body stay awake by prompting increased blood flow and a higher heart rate—that is, a higher blood pressure. Caffeinated drinks have many decaffeinated options, but approach these with caution, as they usually include chemicals proven harmful to the body, like aspartame. Instead, reach for teas with naturally low caffeine quantities, or no caffeine whatsoever, and limit coffee consumption to two cups or fewer a day.

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Disconnecting from technology an hour before bed can limit stressful thoughts and reduce blood pressure over time, studies show. Working adults are less likely to “unplug” from work resources, like their computers or e-mails. The constant feeling of always working will elevate stress levels and HBP. One study shows that adults that work overtime increase their changes for chronic HBP by 15%. Alternative work schedules if you workplace allows, or just making sure to completely stop working when you leave the office, can reduce blood pressure and stimulate overall calm.

There are many ways to reduce HBP and many natural alternative treatment options. It’s worthwhile, however, to isolate the shining star remedies and use those to find your personalized treatment options. Eating the right foods is important, but finding balance in your life and regulating your lifestyle and habits can lead to a longer, fulfilled life span. Alternative remedies exist, without the need to seek a doctor or specialist, though studies recommend at least yearly checkups. Which remedies help you best seek calm and fight high blood pressure?

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