The “gold fish” exercise: a wonder for the spine!

The “gold fish” exercise: a wonder for the spine!

Spinal cord's health is essential for a very healthy body. The famous Japanese healer Katsuzo Nishi is always warning us that a patient's causes of illnesses must be searched within the spine. He confidently recommends the daily practice of the “Golden Fish” exercise.

This exercise strengthens the spine and it has beneficial effects on the overall health.

Why is this exercise unique?

Exercitiul_Pestele_de_aur_face_adevarate_minuni_pentru_coloana_vertebrala_The “gold fish” exercise realign and relaxes the nerve's endings with direct insertion on the spine. Not only that it readjusts the spine, but it regulates
the physiological functions of all the body organs and systems, coordinates the internal and external nervous system, improves the blood flow and the blood supply, and it corrects it's entire posture.

In addition to all of these, it improves the bowel, liver, kidney, heart, brain and skin's functions.

To take a full advantage of its beneficial effects, this exercise should be practiced in the morning and evening, initially for 1 minute, then gradually
increasing to 3 minutes. You'll notice the results within a few days and your body will be grateful to you. You'll simply love this exercise!

The “gold fish” exercise

Young woman doing yoga exerciseThe starting position: Lie down on your back, on a flat bed or on the floor, with your face up; stretch your arms as much as you can and put them next to your neck; keep your thighs straight and your feet in a square angle towards your body; your toes should be always directed towards the front. The heels and the hips should touch the floor (especially the shanks of your legs).

Mature Woman Rests In Corpse PoseBefore starting this exercise, make some easy stretching moves. Make some extensions of the spine in different directions, keeping each position for about 7 seconds each: pull your right heel from the floor to the top and make simultaneously an extension on the opposite side, with your arms outstretched; then
repeat these moves in the mirror (your left heel will move forward on the floor and your both arms will extend simultaneously, stretching the spine on one side, until you count to 7).

Repeat this motion 5-7 times for each heel, using both arms.

Performing the exercise:

Place your hands under the cervical vertebrae: bend your elbows, stick your body on the floor, tuck in your feet, and head your toes to all the “bumps” in your body (eg: the neck, shoulder, pelvis, shoulder blades). In this position, start to shake your entire body in a vibratory motion from the right to the left, like a fast swimming fish.

During this whole time, your backbone shouldn't move. You should only move your feet from the right to the left, feet that should form a right angle against your trunk, and also rise your head.

Imagine that you're a fish that swims using his tail's flipper, and your whole body starts to vibrate correctly. Perform this exercise for 1-2 minutes (or until you count to 120 or 240).

When you lie down on a flat hard surfaced bed or on the floor, stretching well each part of your body and when the body quickly moves to the left or to the right for 1-2 minutes, your blood flow increases due the entire musculature's training. Your heart rate increases as well. Especially the lower limb blood vessels will be supplied with blood, vessels that bring the blood back to the heart.

At first, the feeling is strange, but the exercise is not hard at all and you will quickly get used to it. This is a wonderful exercise that you'll simply get to love in a very short while and the results will show up quickly.

Watch the video to know how to properly perform the exercise.

The video is actually in Russian, but it doesn't matter too much because all you have to care about is how to catch those moves. Plus, everything that she
explains in the video (Maja Gogulan, 60 yo) it's already embedded in this article, so it's enough for you to focus on the proper execution of those moves.

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