The 7 Best Home Remedies for Conquering the Common Cold

The 7 Best Home Remedies for Conquering the Common Cold

There may not technically be a method for curing the common cold, but there are steps that you can take to limit the severity of common cold symptoms. This could be a crucial factor in your overall mental health if you have a house full of sick children. The worst is when your children come down with a cold just as the school year is about to start or when you are about to go on vacation.

By taking the time to learn how to use home remedies to cure the common cold, you can cut down on the duration of the illness. Your children can get fast relief from congestion and other symptoms that may leave them acting fussy and feeling uncomfortable.

Before the next cold virus works its way through your town, look over these # home remedies for curing the common cold.

Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey and Cinnamon

Both Manuka honey and cinnamon have anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties that can reduce the severity of common cold symptoms. You should notice relief from congestion, muscle aches, headaches, nausea, and other irritating cold symptoms. To try this home remedy, you will need 1 tablespoon of Manuka honey (or raw honey, if you cannot find Manuka honey) and a ¼-teaspoon of cinnamon.

Mix the two ingredients together in a bowl. The mixture can simply be eaten raw or added to applesauce or tea. Your children may not like the taste of the mixture, making applesauce the preferred method. The mixture should be taken four times a day until the cold symptoms begin to go away.

This is a simple mixture to whip together and you may luck out – your children may love the sweet taste of honey mixed with cinnamon.

Apple cider vinegar effective natural remedy to remove pesticide

Apple Cider Vinegar

Another option is to use an apple cider vinegar mixture. Apple cider vinegar has a high alkaline content, which can help kill some of the common cold symptoms. Most people that use this remedy notice relief within a few hours. Mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a cup of warm water. If you want to sweeten the drink, add a teaspoon of honey or lemon. Drink this mixture several times each day, until the symptoms pass.


Ginger tea

Drink Ginger Tea

Ginger contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties. This will reduce fever, aches and pains, and may even help with nausea. While you can take ginger in many different forms, one of the best solutions for using ginger to treat a cold is to drink ginger tea. The steam from the tea will help open up your airways and relieve congestion.


Herbal Tea


Consuming Echinacea not only helps alleviate common cold symptoms, it can also reduce your chances of getting sick in the first place. As the cold season approaches, give your children a small amount of Echinacea. If your children are already sick, giving them Echinacea could help shorten the duration of their cold by several days.

Coconut Oil 

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can attack any virus, including the cold virus. It contains fatty acids that are absorbed by viral cells, killing the virus. Coconut oil can be consumed raw. Swallow a tablespoon of coconut oil twice per day to alleviate your cold symptoms. If you are giving coconut oil to your children, and they do not like the taste, mix the oil into their favorite drink.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is known to help keep you from getting sick, but it can also offer relieve from some of your cold symptoms. Studies have found that consuming a large dose of vitamin D3 each day can alleviate cold symptoms. You will not be able to get the required dose of vitamin D from food sources, such as milk and dairy products, so you will need to purchase a supplement to get enough vitamin D to help fight a cold.

Common Cold zinc


Taking a zinc supplement can help reduce some of the most common cold symptoms, including sneezing, sniffling, and coughing. You can purchase zinc in a syrup, in capsule form, or as a lozenge. Taking zinc will also boost your immune system, helping you fight off the cold quicker and get back to your regular activities.

Keep You and Your Family Protected from the Cold Virus

Hands applying sanitizer gel

You will never be able to completely protect you and your family from getting sick, but you can take a few precautions to limit your chances of coming down with an illness. Here are a few recommendations for building up your immunity and keeping yourself protected from catching the cold virus.

First off, some of the remedies listed above can also help you prevent the cold. Echinacea and zinc can both build up your immune system, limiting your chances of getting sick. By consuming herbs and foods that can increase your immune system, your body will be better prepared to fight off the cold. This will also lessen the severity of the cold symptoms, if you do happen to get sick.

Always wash your hands. Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer handy. Keeping your hands free of germs will cut down on your chances of getting sick. Teach your children the importance of washing their hands as soon as they arrive home from school. Remind them that they should also wash their hands when using the school restroom and that they should avoid touching their face.

You Are Now Prepared to Fight the Common Cold

By taking steps to prevent the cold, you can limit the chances of your family getting sick. If someone in your clan happens to come down with the cold, then you have a selection of natural home remedies at your disposal that you can use to quickly beat the cold into submission.

Do not let the cold season get you down. With these tips, you are now better prepared to face the cold and flu season head on, without worrying about the potential for sick children, calling off from work, or dealing with a house full of coughing, sneezing family members.

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