12 Home Remedies for Treating Sciatica Nerve Pain

12 Home Remedies for Treating Sciatica Nerve Pain

What is sciatica? Sciatica refers to pain that is caused by irritation of the sciatic nerve. This typically only affects one part of the body, but it can be extremely painful and limit your ability to complete everyday tasks – interfering with your work and home life.

Sciatica pain will typically start along the lower back, working its way down to your thigh and through your leg. In addition to pain, you may also experience a tingling or burning sensation or shooting pain – making it difficult to stand up or sit down. Numbness and weakness are also a couple of common symptoms.

There are many ways to treat sciatica, including medications that your doctor may recommend. Unfortunately, many of these medications only provide temporary relief. The better solution is to use a home remedy to treat your sciatica.

Using home remedies, you can reduce pressure on your sciatic nerve, fight inflammation, and reduce pain. This should provide complete relief from sciatica within several weeks. If you would like to give a home remedy a try, here are 12 home remedies for treating sciatica nerve pain.

Exercises to Treat Sciatica

Treating Sciatica Nerve Pain exerciseDespite the pain, you should make an effort to continue exercising. This will help stretch out your muscles and nerves, possibly providing relief from your sciatica pain. Focus on exercises that can strengthen your back and abdominal muscles. Adding strength to your core can help increase your recovery rate.

A simple knee to chest stretch can help reduce some of the irritation from your sciatica and improve your flexibility. Lie on your back, on an exercise mat, with your feet straight and your arms by your sides. Relax your body and then bend your right knee upwards, towards your chest, and inhale.

With your knee bent towards your chest, clasp your hands behind your right thigh. Pull as far as you can without experiencing any discomfort. During this stretch, keep your other leg flat on the mat. Hold this position for about twenty seconds and then slowly lower your leg, before repeating this process with your left leg.


turmeric powder in spoon and roots on wooden plateTurmeric is a powerful spice with strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It can help to reduce inflammation and pain. You can consume turmeric in many ways, sprinkling it on your soups or salads or by mixing it with a drink.

For a simple solution to add turmeric to your diet, mix one teaspoon of turmeric with one cup of milk. Boil the mixture for a minute or two and then allow to cool. Add a small amount of honey, for sweetness, and then drink. Try to drink this mixture several times per day, until you experience relief from your sciatica.

Massage Therapy

Young man having a massageMassage therapy can relieve pressure on your sciatic nerve and help to heal your body. A massage will relieve tension and stimulate the circulation of blood while helping to increase your range of motion.

You can perform a self-massage, using St. John’s wort oil. Massage our lower back, thighs, and legs, applying a small amount of St. John’s wort oil to your fingertips and massaging it into your skin.

Capsaicin Cream

Pile of chilliCapsaicin cream is a common pain-relieving topical cream. The active ingredient in this cream is called capsaicin, which is a compound found in cayenne pepper. When shopping for capsaicin cream, look for an ointment that contains at least 0.025% capsaicin. You  can apply the cream or ointment directly to your skin, up to four times a day. You should notice some relief within one or two weeks.

White Willow Bark

Tee Weidenrinde - tea willow 02White willow bark is a useful herb for providing pain relief. It contains a variety of anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that will reduce inflammation and pain. You can take a white willow bark supplement each day or use fresh white willow bark to make your own herbal tea.

Fenugreek Seeds

wooden scoop with fenugreek seedsFenugreek seeds are another food that contains anti-inflammatory properties. It can also help ease pain from rheumatoid arthritis. Grind a handful of seeds and add a small amount of milk to the resulting powder. Boil the mixture until you have a mushy paste. Apply the paste directly to the area where you are experiencing the most pain. Allow the paste to dry and leave in place for several hours, before washing clean with cold water.

Valerian Root

Valerian teaValerian root is a natural relaxant and is often used to treat insomnia, stress, and anxiety. Along with relaxing your mind, valerian root can help to relax your muscles and relieve tension. This may provide some relief from the pressure causing your sciatica.

You can take a valerian root supplement, prepare valerian root herbal tea, or chew on fresh valerian root. The supplement or the herbal tea are probably the best two options.


AcupunctureAcupuncture is not just a holistic treatment. According to various studies, acupuncture can actually help relieve pain and pressure, as long as the acupuncturist knows where to apply pressure. It can also help relax muscles and stimulate blood circulation, helping to reduce inflammation and provide some level of pain relief.

Spinal Manipulation

Pressing the pointsSpinal manipulation is something that is typically performed by a chiropractor, but there are techniques that you can use at home. If you need tips for how to perform spinal manipulation, you should either contact a chiropractor or visit your doctor.



Hot and Cold Compresses

back massage close upHot and cold compresses can be used to relieve pain and inflammation. The heat from a hot compress can provide relaxation and ease muscle tension. A cold compress can reduce inflammation and pain. Apply a hot compress for fifteen to twenty minutes and then follow this with a cold compress.

Devil’s Claw

Devil's clawDevil’s claw is a herb that could help with your sciatica. It is an alcohol-based extract that is prepared from parijat leaves. This herb contains anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, reducing irritation and inflammation while helping to alleviate some of the sciatica pain that you are experiencing.


Use Better Posture

Businessman Suffering From Backache While Sitting At DeskYour posture could be the cause of your sciatica pain. If you tend to sit for prolonged periods of time, you may notice irritation along your back, upper thigh, and leg. Try to pay attention to your posture, whether you are sitting or standing. You should also use proper lifting techniques – keep your back straight and bend your knees.

Sciatica pain does not need to be permanent and it is not a condition that always require medication. The next you notice pain shooting through your lower back and down through your leg, try using one of the home remedies described. You may be surprised to see positive results within a couple of weeks – even days in some cases.

Along with using remedies to treat sciatica, you should take steps to avoid nerve pain. Stay flexible and in good shape by getting regular exercise. Consider adding a yoga routine to your daily schedule, to keep your limbs loose and limber, which may reduce your chances of having a pinched or irritated nerve.

For complete relief from sciatica pain, use one of the home remedies provided.

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