UnconvetionalRemedies.com promotes various products from SoftwareProjects.com, ClickBank.com, Amazon.com and other publishers, eCommerce stores and marketplaces in the following ways:

  • by inserting affiliate text links in blog posts when the promoted product is relevant to the content
  • by placing image banners either in the sidebar, the footer, the blog posts, in popups and on the newsletter sign-up “thank you page”
  • and by promoting these products on our newsletter

Each time you click a link on UnconvetionalRemedies.com, you can assume you’re clicking an affiliate link. UnconvetionalRemedies.com earns a percentage of the sale each time you make a purchase, helping maintain the quality of the survival content on this site and making sure the blog moves forward.

UnconvetionalRemedies.com also sells in-house products and services by means of the ClickBank.com, SoftwareProjects.com and Amazon.com marketplaces. They are promoted the same way affiliate products are, by means of text links and image banners.