8 Unexpected Causes of Stress – with Easy to Follow Solutions

8 Unexpected Causes of Stress – with Easy to Follow Solutions

The internet is full of solutions for dealing with stress. You may have even tried some of the remedies for stress management. If you have explored solutions for managing stress and have not had any luck, you may need to look at the reasons that you are feeling so stressed out. Eliminate the cause of the stress, before trying a solution to get manage the stress.

For those that have considered their lifestyle and are unable to find the reason that they feel so stressed out, look over these surprising things you may not have known cause stress and then find possible solutions for dealing with the problem.

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Drinking Alcohol Can Add to Your Stress

Alcohol can be a major stressor. If you decide to drink alcohol while you are already stressed out, you may increase your aggravation. Alcohol is a depressant, which means that it should be avoided when you are feeling depressed or stressed, as it can exacerbate your problems.

The solution: Do not drink alcohol when you are feeling stressed. Find other ways to deal with your stress, such as meditation, watching television, reading a book, or working out.

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Your Friends Can Stress You Out

It is very common for people to follow in their friend’s footsteps. As difficult as it can be, you should only carefully consider who you are friends with. Surround yourself with positive people and you will begin thinking more positively. There is scientific evidence to support this. A study from 2007 found that people were 57 percent more likely to gain weight when one of their friends gained weight. With this same thought process, it is reasonable to assume that hanging out with a stressed out friend will increase your stress.

The solution: Only surround yourself with positive people. When you have a close friend that is constantly making negative comments, let them know that it stresses you out. If they are a real friend, they will make an effort to cut back on speaking negatively around you.

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Venting Your Frustrations Can Increase Stress

There is a common belief that venting your frustrations is a great way to let go of stress. The truth is, this can actually increase your stress levels. Many people feel worse after expressing their frustrations.

The solution: Find other ways to deal with your stress. Use humor and positive thinking to look at your stressful situation in a new light. When you can find humor in a situation, you are less likely to allow the problem to add to your stress.

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Genetics Can Affect Your Ability to Manage Stress

You inherit many treats from your parents, including your ability to manage stress. If you have trouble handling your anxieties and stress, you may have your parents to blame.

The solution: Acknowledge that you cannot control everything, especially your genetics. If you believe that you and your parents share similar traits and difficulty managing stress, accept this fact and find other ways to manage your stress.

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Your Commute May Be Stressing You Out

If you have a long commute to and from work, then your commute may add to your stress. Whether you take the subway, a taxi, or drive to work, the stress of traveling is hard to avoid. This is especially difficult when you are driving. If you need proof, just think about road rage – people that are easily stressed tend to act more aggressively while driving.

The solution: Find ways to shorten your commute, consider joining or starting a carpool, or avoid driving – if possible.

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Using Technology Can Increase Your Stress

Using technology is an easy way to add to your stress levels, especially if you are surfing the web or texting right before bedtime. According to one study, people that used technology less than two hours before bed were more likely to have increased stress levels in the morning than people that did not use technology. This same study also showed that watching television or answering emails does not have the same impact as browsing the web or texting.

The solution: Avoid technology before bedtime. Keep your phones put away when you lay down for bed. If you need something to distract your mind and help you get to sleep, try reading a book or watching a little television.

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News Can Be a Major Stressor

As with technology, viewing the news can increase your stress and tension. The news is mostly focused on stories that will grab reader’s attention. Browsing news headlines on major news websites or news aggregators will provide plenty of fodder for creating stress. Negative news stories from the world can increase your tension.

The solution: Limit the amount of news that you read. Try to limit yourself to only viewing the news as you get ready for work. If your job requires to stay updated about the latest headlines, then leave your work at the workplace when you come home. Use the afternoon for relaxation and avoid dealing with stressful news.

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Avoid Loud Noises

Loud noises can add to your stress level. When you hear a loud noise, your body immediately goes into a fight or flight scenario. This increases the release of adrenaline and your blood pressure. Imagine how difficult it is to concentrate or focus when there is a repetitive noise in the background.

Studies have shown that loud noises have an impact on your stress levels. If you work in an environment with loud noises, then you may be more prone to stress.

The solution: When loud noises are inevitable, you should take precautions to limit the amount of noise that you are exposed to. If possible, wear earplugs when you know you are going to be in a noisy environment. If the noise is due to a temporary situation, such as nearby construction, then try to find ways to avoid the noise until the project is completed.

Find Out What is Causing Your Stress

Stress is something that everyone deals with. This does not mean that you have to live your entire life dealing with stress. The sooner you can deal with the problem, the better off your health will be. Stress can negatively impact your physical health, in addition to your mental well-being. Do not let stress add to your health problems.

A major part of dealing with stress is finding out what is causing your stress. There are hundreds of solutions for managing stress, but you cannot overcome a problem without getting to the root cause. Look over the unexpected stressors mentioned and see if they apply to your situation.

Once you figure out what is causing your stress, you can take appropriate action to deal with your issues. While stress management techniques can help you let go of stress, if you can eliminate the problem, you will find that you have much less stress in your life.

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