8 Natural Alternatives To General Pain Reliever

8 Natural Alternatives To General Pain Reliever

Natural and alternative remedies cure a wide spectrum of mental and physical ailments. For every ailment, there exist multiple treatments to help the symptoms of those ailments, if not abolish them entirely. Science has proven their effectiveness and historical accounts show their potency. Natural alternatives have existed for centuries and since early technological development.

But there are specific remedies from the bunch that help prevent and cure the most general problems; periodic aches, pains, headaches and general discomfort that may have no other diagnosis than bodily quirks. It may seem easier to reach for an over the counter or non-prescription medication, but many natural remedies can be found quickly, more cheaply, and can be taken over time to prevent many of the problems they also treat.

Read on to see our eight natural alternatives that take the place of basic pain reliever, for common ailments:

White Willow Bark

pain reliever white willow barkThe bark from the white willow tree contains acids that help reduce swelling, open capillaries and re-stimulate blood flow. The acid, called salicin, regulates blood pressure and reduces pain. Pushing red blood cells through swollen areas and delivering oxygen to those organs or tissues can help greatly reduce pain and other symptoms associated with swelling. White willow bark is an ancient remedy, used in many cultures since antiquity as one of the first natural pain and discomfort relievers.


pain reliever rosemaryRosemary serves more uses than just common meat seasoning. The oils extracted from fresh rosemary are packed with powerful antioxidants. These help regulate the body, fortify the cells with the nutrients they need, and help build up the body’s immunity to different diseases. Studies show that rosemary can treat afflictions in organs, like skin conditions and liver problems. Multiple studies have begun to prove that rosemary can even help prevent—or drastically reduce the effects of—cancer. Its antioxidants, including rosemarinic acid, reduce carcinogens in foods that cause cancer.


oil of ginger in a small glass bottle macro and rootFirstly, ginger cures stomach ailments and treats symptoms that aggravate the stomach. Like rosemary, ginger contains antioxidants, and these block chemicals released by stimuli that detects upset stomach. These stimuli can be triggered by anything from motion sickness to vertigo to stomach bacteria.

But, beyond stomach help, ginger alleviates inflammation by stimulating blood flow, which reduces inflammatory pains like headaches, heartburn and back pain. Regulating blood flow helps reduce failing blood sugar and other blood-based ailments. Many studies show that ginger was as effective as modern medicine in reducing the pain from arthritis inflammation.

Finally, ginger is an expectorant that, applied to the right areas, can clear sinus cavities of mucus buildup and thin mucus. Ginger is toted as a natural allergy, cough and cold remedy for these reasons. A ginger tea may quiet many of the body’s twinges, aches and pains, and can balance many system functions.


Olibanum, Boswellia serrataBoswellia comes for a tree in Southeast Asia and has been used for hundreds of years by the Indian people. Boswellia treats mild to moderate pain and helps to regulate the body. Studies show that Boswellia treats swelling, inflammation and redness, and ailments associated with inflammation. Headaches, allergies and other breathing problems, gastrointestinal distress, and joint aches can be cured with Bosewellia. The acid improves blood flow and oxygen reach to vital organs and tissues, which go a long way in curing many common problems. Look for Boswellia extracts to massage into problem areas externally, like the temples, chest, or stomach.


dry spice turmeric in a wooden bowl close-upTurmeric, while an anti-bacterial, also contains the compound curcumin. Curcumin gives turmeric its brilliant color. Turmeric, like Boswellia, is an anti-inflammatory and promotes blood flow in problem areas. Like cinnamon, another antiseptic spice, turmeric also dehydrates swollen areas, reducing bloating and pain. Turmeric is used to treat headaches, cramps, queasiness and inflammation.

Cats Claw

cats claw plantThe Cats claw vine can be extracted for its oils; it’s these oils that stimulate pain relief. Mimicking pain relief medication, some studies show that Cats claw can help relieve more moderate inflammatory pain, including pain caused by osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Cats claw remedies are sold in these oils and the plant itself prefers a warm climate; its chief home is Peru.


Garlic on the wooden backgroundGarlic reduces high blood pressure, which stimulates and regulates blood flow by extension. As we know, these factors greatly reduce joint pain and other aches. For the heart, studies show that one of garlic’s chemicals, called allicin, helps to clear the arteries and keep red blood cells and platelets moving. It reduces the sticky cholesterol that catches platelets and forms arterial blocks that cause heart attacks. Some early studies show that garlic may play a hand in reducing the size of tumors and cancers in the body. Garlic can be added to many cuisines and dishes, but garlic can also be extracted of oils for application remedies.

Aloe Vera

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAloe vera comes with a cocktail of its own naturally constructed nutrients and compounds that cure so many aliments, it may as well be used as a first attempt at easing them all. Aloe vera is even safe enough to ingest once daily as a preventative measure. Studies support findings that aloe vera can regulate the body, reduce general ailments, aches and pains, and strengthen quality of life. Some of its many uses include:

  • Regulating blood flow and oxygen
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Eliminates bacteria
  • Works as a natural antacid
  • Increases cell turnover and heals skin abrasions more quickly
  • Protects cuts and scrapes like a bandage

The vitamins in nutrients in aloe vera can bring the body to neutral, natural health, either before or during common problems.

When you next need to treat a very common problem—ache, pain, allergy, or discomfort—consider turning to your own kitchen cabinet or spice rack before spending money on other treatments. Common and incorporable foods and spices prevent and cure very easy ailments. We may not know why our knee hurts one day, our back the next, or why our neck is stiff if we sleep the wrong way, but we can make the body strong enough, over time, to reduce these symptoms on its own, or even prevent them before they start.

Which of these remedies is your favorite? Which remedy do you think has the widest use?

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