20 Simple Tips and Tricks for Healthy Nails

20 Simple Tips and Tricks for Healthy Nails

Having brittle or split nails can have an impact on your self-esteem. People are bound to look at your hands at some point, when you are talking to them.

Everyone wants to have healthy nails and hands, but the hands come into contact with a vast variety of items and objects throughout the day. In fact, your hands are the part of your body that come into the most contact with other items. This can cause damage that you may find embarrassing or difficult to look at.

If you want healthier nails, then use these 20 simple tips and tricks.

Oregano Oil for Nail Fungus

Healthy Nails oregano oil

Oregano oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties that could be very useful for treating nail fungus. Apply diluted oregano oil to the infected area to kill the fungus. Be careful not to rub essential oils directly onto your skin, as it can irritate the skin due to its strong acidic properties.

Vinegar for Nail Polish

Vinegar in glass carafe.

Applying vinegar to your nails, before you paint them, could help your nail polish last longer. Simply soak a cotton ball in vinegar and then wipe it on your nail before painting.

Brighten Your Nails with Rose Water

Rose water and pink beautiful flower macro horizontal

Use rose water, combined with hydrogen peroxide and glycerin, to brighten your nails. Combine 40 milliliters of rose water, 10 grams of glycerin, and 50 milliliters of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. Rub this mixture on your nails to brighten dull nails.

Cure Yellow Nails with Chamomile

Healthy Nails chamomile

No one likes having yellow nails. If your nails have started to yellow, use chamomile. Soak your fingers in a chamomile bath, by adding several tablespoons of chamomile blossom to two cups of water. Allow the mixture to sit for twenty minutes before soaking your nails. Soak for at least fifteen minutes.

Softer Hands with Jojoba Oil

Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis) leaves, seeds and oil

Achieve silky, soft hands, using jojoba oil. Apply jojoba oil to your hands, massaging the oil over the cracks. This is a useful treatment for dealing with dry hands due to cold weather.

Get More Calcium to Prevent Nail Splitting

Broken Egg Shell

If your nails are splitting, you may be suffering from a calcium deficiency. To add more calcium to your diet, wash and boil some eggs and then remove the shells. Grind the shells into a powder and add 3 grams of the powder to your breakfast.

Shake Your Nail Polish to Avoid Bubbles

To prevent your nail polish from bubbling, you should never shake your nail polish bottle. Instead of shaking it, roll the bottle between your palms. This gentle process should be all you need to “shake up” the polish.

Use Gelatin to Boost Nail Growth


When you want to speed up the growth of your nails, use gelatin. Either apply gelatin to your nails or use a basecoat that has gelatin as its primary ingredient.

Use Cuticle Oil

Women's hands take care of cuticles with oil

To improve the health of your cuticles, use cuticle oil on a daily basis. In fact, you may even want to use the cuticle oil twice per day.

Apply thin Layers of Nail Polish

Always use thin layers, when painting your nails. Start with two thin coats of nail polish. Not only will this help your polish dry faster, it will also help prevent smudging or chipping.

Use One Direction for Filing Nails

Beauty of nails

When you are filing your nails, always file in the same direction. Do not use metal filers, as they can damage your nails. Purchase a 240 grit filer and remember to only use one direction.

Eliminate Nail Fungus with Tea Tree Oil

sensitive gums tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has many uses, including helping to eliminate nail fungus. Tea tree oil contains antifungal properties is one of the best methods of dealing with fungus. Apply the tea tree oil directly to the infected area. You can also use this same technique to treat athlete’s foot and other infections.

Avoid Brittle Nails with a Salt Bath

Take care of your brittle nails by giving them a salt bath. Add four tablespoons of sea salt to 16-ounces of water. Soak your nails for 15 minutes. Afterwards, dry your hands and apply cuticle softener.

Apply a Basecoat to Protect Your Nails

Healthy Nails basecoat

Add a basecoat, before polishing, to protect your nails. The basecoat will protect your nails from discoloration and provide minerals that will help strengthen your nails.

Avoid Chipping

If you want to avoid chipping your nails, use the previously mentioned tip of applying thin layers of nail polish. Next, always make sure that you paint along the edge of your fingernail and just slightly onto the underside of the tip. This will provide additional protection against chipping.

Use a Nail Brush to Remove Extra Polish

If you need to clean extra nail polish off your cuticles, use a nail brush dipped in nail polish remover. You can also use nail polish remover to clean up smudges or mistakes. Dip a Q-tip in nail polish remover to gently fix your nails.

Give Your Manicure Time to Dry

Healthy Nails dry

Always give your manicure time to dry. Do not use a blow-dryer, or any other method, to attempt and dry your nails. Simply allow your nails to dry naturally.

Use Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover

When you need to remove nail polish, only use an acetone-free nail polish remover. Acetone can dry out your nails, causing damage and making them more brittle.

Apply a Topcoat

After you have finished painting your nails, and the polish has dried, apply a topcoat. This topcoat will help give your nails an extra shine and also help to prevent chipping. For those that want a matte finish, use a matte topcoat.

Vick’s Vaporub for Nail Fungus

Closeup of male hand using finger rubbing white gel

Earlier, tea tree oil was mentioned as a remedy for treating nail fungus. Another option is to use Vick’s Vaporub. Rub some Vaporub on your nails, twice per day, until the fungus is removed.

Keep these simple tips and tricks in mind, if you want to maintain beautiful nails or protect them from chipping, breaking, and fungal infections. When you interact with people, they are bound to look at your hands. Make sure that you are doing everything that you can to keep your hands looking beautiful.

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