15 Ways to Use Baking Soda as a Beauty Product

15 Ways to Use Baking Soda as a Beauty Product

Baking soda is a common household item that many people purchase, use once, and then forget about. It turns out, baking soda can be used for more than keeping your fridge deodorized or cleaning your oven. Baking soda has many uses as a beauty product. From whitening your nails to scrubbing your face, baking soda has more to offer.

Instead of putting your baking soda in your fridge, you should be putting it on the bathroom counter. When you are looking for ways to save money on beauty products, try any of these 15 uses for baking soda.

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Whiten Your Nails

No one enjoys yellowed fingernail tips or discolored cuticles. Combine baking soda with hydrogen peroxide to make your own natural nail whitener. Use an old toothbrush and apply the mixture to your nails. Allow the mixture to sit for several minutes before washing it off.


Sodium Bicarbonate with Toothbrush

Whiten Your Teeth

Stir together a paste of baking soda and water. The natural exfoliant will help lift surface stains from coffee, red wine, and smoking. To really boost the efficiency of this treatment, you can mix the powder with hydrogen peroxide. While this DIY mix will immediately brighten tarnished teeth, baking soda can't whiten permanently like an in-office bleaching treatment.



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Use Baking Soda to Reduce Hair Oils

If you use a shampoo intended to help remove excess oil from your hair, switch to baking soda. You can save money and get the same results by sprinkling a small amount of baking soda onto your scalp, while taking a shower. Massage the baking soda into your wet hair. The combination of water will create a lather. Massage for several minutes before rinsing.

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Add More Volume to Your Hair

Along with helping to remove excess oils, you can also use baking soda to add more volume to your hair. Add a teaspoon of baking soda to your regular shampoo, when applying to your hair. The baking soda can remove impurities in your hair, leaving it fuller and lighter.

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Soak Your Feet

The next time you soak your feet, add several teaspoons of baking soda to the water. This can help to dissolve callused skin and relieve skin irritation. Allow your feet to soak for ten to fifteen minutes and then scrub away the dead skin. If this does not help you clean your feet, try scrubbing your feet using a paste made from baking soda and a small amount of water.

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Make Your Own Face Scrub

To make your own face scrub using baking soda, add a small amount of baking soda to your regular face wash. This will instantly turn your face wash into a scrub, like using a face wash with micro-beads.

 Baking soda being used to relieve itching from rashes.

Relieve Skin Irritation

Get rid of skin irritation using baking soda. You can make a paste using baking soda and a little water and apply it directly to the irritated skin or you could take a bath with a scoop or two of baking soda.

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Remove Blackheads

Add one teaspoon of baking soda to one cup of distilled water to make a scrub for removing blackheads. Before using the scrub, steam your face by positioning yourself over a bucket of hot water. The steam will help moisturize your skin and open up your pores. Gently apply the baking soda paste and rinse it away. Do not rub too hard, to avoid damaging your skin.

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Remove Self-Tanner Streaks

Self-tanner is not the easiest way to create a tan, as it is difficult to create a perfect tan using a lotion. It is easy to end up with streaks or visible tan lines. If you insist on using a self-tanner, you can scrub away your mistakes using baking soda. Combine baking soda and lemon juice to make a scrub. Scrub the area that needs to be fixed to even out your self-tanner lotion.

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Freshen Your Breath

Bad breath can be a downer for any close interaction. If your partner has recently commented on your bad breath, you may be able to use baking soda to solve the problem. Certain acidic foods can throw off the pH balance in your mouth, resulting in bad breath. To fix this problem, gargle a mixture of baking soda and water. Use one teaspoon of water with one cup of warm water.


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Remove Chlorine From Your Hair

When you spend a lot of time in the pool, there is a good chance that you will end up with chlorine in your hair. Over time, this can lead to a buildup of chlorine, potentially causing discoloration. To get rid of the chlorine, mix a small amount of dish soap with baking soda. Apply the mixture to your hair and then rinse out.



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Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Instead of using hand soap to clean your makeup brushes, use baking soda. Rinse your brushes in warm water. After several minutes, add a couple teaspoons of baking soda. Slowly stir the brushes in the water to mix the baking soda. Allow the brushes to sit for several minutes. Remove from the baking soda and rinse thoroughly.

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 Make Your Own Deodorant

Why spend money on a stick of deodorant when you can make your own? Add a small amount of baking soda to a few drops of water. Add water until you have a paste that can be applied to your skin. Rub a dab under each armpit. This is also a good option for people that are allergic to commercial deodorants.

If you want to take the time to make a natural deodorant with a scent, you could experiment by adding essential oils. There are always methods of creating a thicker paste that can be inserted into an old deodorant stick.

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Unclog Your Shower Drain

When shaving your legs begins to clog the shower drain, make your own drain cleaner using a combination of vinegar and baking soda. Use equal amounts of items and pour into your shower drain. Wait several minutes and then try running hot water down into your drain.

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Remove Oils from Your Hands

When your hands are covered in grease or oil, it can be incredibly difficult and frustrating to try and wash away the grime with basic hand soap. The perfect solution is to pour some baking soda onto your palms. Lather up with water and rinse away the oils.

The next time you purchase baking soda for a single recipe, keep the baking soda around and try one of the options listed above. These are just a few examples of how you can use baking soda, other than cooking or deodorizing. Explore other ways to get the most use out of your baking soda.

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