15 Natural Remedies for Treating Back Pain

15 Natural Remedies for Treating Back Pain

These natural back pain remedies will help relieve soreness and discomfort, so that you can get back to your regular daily activities. If you are suffering from back pain, give one of these natural remedies a try.


Treatment by acupuncture

Not everyone likes the idea of having long needles inserted into their skin, but many people find relief from their back pain by visiting a professional acupuncturist. A study examining people that received acupuncture for chronic back pain found that those who visited an acupuncturist were more likely to get relief from back pain.


Yoga can help relieve lower back pain, just pay attention to the limits of your body. As you perform various yoga poses, try not to push yourself too far. One study suggests that people that perform yoga were more likely to experience relief from back pain than those who used traditional medicine or physical therapy.

If you need to find a yoga routine to try, search online for yoga videos. Almost every popular streaming website has a large selection of yoga videos. You may even find a yoga routine that is specifically designed for people that are experiencing back pain.

Talk Therapy

Male Patient Visiting Doctor's Office With Back Ache

This next natural remedy may seem a little far-fetched for some people, but studies do show that talk therapy could provide an effective way to deal with your back pain. The theory is that talking about your back pain can help change the way that your brain thinks about and responds to the back pain.


Chiropractor Doing Spinal Manipulation

A good massage can go a long way towards easing your back pain. Consider getting weekly massages until your back pain goes away. Check your insurance plan to see if massages are covered as part of your coverage. If not, you should shop around for the best deal and compare the costs of different massages.


Middle aged woman stretching

Similar to the benefits of yoga, simple stretching exercises can be useful for relieving back pain. Perform at least a half-hour of stretching, to help deal with your back pain. You may also want to think about attending a stretching class.


Strength Training

Smiling Middle Aged Sports Trainer With Athlete

Strength training can help to strengthen your muscles and stretch your back. Having a strong back can help reduce your risk of back injury. If you are already dealing with back pain, then use caution when strength training. You may want to talk to your doctor, before using strength training to strengthen your muscles, if you have back pain.



Meditating can help to distract your mind and help you focus on something other than the pain that you are dealing with. One study found that people suffering from back pain could receive a 40 percent reduction in their back pain by meditating.


Osteopathic Manual Therapy

Back Pain manual therapy

Osteopathic manual therapy (OMT) is a type of therapy performed by a licensed chiropractor. It involves using light pressure and stretching to move your back muscles. People that undergo OMT for 12 weeks may see a 30 percent reduction in back pain.



Comfrey Root

Back Pain comfrey rootComfrey root is an ointment that you can apply topically. It is a plant-based extract that can be found in many health food stores. It should only be used for up to 10 days in a row, but many people experience back pain relief after just 5 days.


Stress Reduction

Physiotherapy Senior woman and physiotherapist

Stress can cause your muscles to tense, which could increase the severity of your back pain. Use stress reduction to help relax your muscles and ease muscle tension that could be causing your back pain.





Aquatic Therapy

Older swimmer in the pool

Aquatic therapy is basically just physical therapy that is performed in a pool. Instead of using a set of weight for resistance exercises, you use the resistance of water. This can provide a gentle method of working your muscles. Several studies show that aquatic therapy can be incredibly beneficial for reducing lower back pain.


Active mature couple doing fitness

Some people may find it difficult to get up and exercise, when dealing with back pain, but stretching those muscles may offer relief. Consider using Pilates to stretch your muscles. This can help relieve lower back pain and strengthen your muscles.

The Alexander Technique

Real-life fitness training, mature woman

The Alexander technique is a common method of dealing with back pain. This exercise is often recommended for patients that are dealing with back pain, as it is easy to perform and only takes several minutes. Lay on your back, with your legs stretched out. Bring your feet towards your butt, so that your knees are bent in a comfortable position. Continue laying in this position until your back pain begins to go away. This should provide temporary relief and help straighten your back.

Tai Chi

back pain tai chi

Tai Chi is a form of Chinese martial arts that incorporates a series of slow movements. Check community calendars to see if there is a Tai Chi class or group in your area. You could also search online videos for a Tai Chi course or routine. Most Tai Chi sessions last for 40 minutes. Perform at least one session per week, to help deal with your back pain.

Physical Therapy

back pain physical therapy

Physical therapy can be very useful for dealing with back pain, especially if you start receiving physical therapy within a couple of weeks of the onset of the back pain. Receiving back pain relief from physical therapy could also help to reduce the need for additional medical care, which could end up saving you some money.

Using these natural remedies should help relieve soreness due to back pain. If the pain does not go away, you may want to schedule a visit to your doctor and see if they can provide a solution or recommend a chiropractor. Many health insurance plans include several chiropractic visits per year.

Chronic back pain is categorized as pain that continues for at least six months. If you try these natural remedies and are unable to gain relief, you may need surgery or specialized medical care to solve the problem, especially if the back pain is related to a slipped or herniated disc.

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